20 May 2011

Setting up GAUL(Genetic Algorithm Utility Library) on Ubuntu

Instructions for installation from source code -

1. Download GAUL library from here. There are some example programs available
    on the same site. You can download them for testing and using different            
    functionalities of GAUL.

2. If you want to enable the S-Lang and OpenMPI functionality of GAUL, then
    install the openmpi library first and slang library. SLang can be downloaded
    from here.

    For compiling slang, extract the compressed file in your home folder and type
    these commands  -
    $ cd slang-2.1.4
    $ ./configure
    $ make
    $ sudo make install

3. Now extract the GAUL compressed files into your home folder and go into that
    folder and type the following commands -
    $ cd gaul-devel-0.1850-0
    In its simplest form, compilation is achieved by typing:
$ ./configure && make
    Or, if you don't have S-Lang installed - type:
$./configure --enable-slang=no && make

    Two additional configuration options that you may find useful are:
$ ./configure --enable-efence=yes # Link with the electric fence malloc debugger.
$ ./configure --enable-mpi=yes    # Link with the MPI message passing libraries 
for parallel code
4. Finally type -
$ sudo make install
5. Now open the .bashrc file from you home directory and add the following line to it.
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/lib
6. For compiling any program with gaul libraries, use the following linkers - 
-lgaul -lgaul_util -lm 
Eg: - gcc test_utils.c -lgaul -lgaul_util -lm 

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